09.05.2024 — News

Launching A Fresh New Website for Premium Norwegian Fish Oil Brand, NFO Vitamins

We were asked by NFO Vitamins to design and code a new e-commerce website as they looked to launch into new regions. We transitioned them to a new sleek user experience and introduced a new art direction for photography to communicate their scientific credentials and product origin.

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12.04.2024 — News

It’s Out of the Hat, We’ve Just Started Working with White Rabbit Pizza Co.

New client alert!! We’re looking forward to working with White Rabbit on their brand and packaging as they enter an exciting new stage of growth. Currently, White Rabbit is the No.2 gluten-free pizza brand in the market and hopefully, we can help them become No.1! Come back soon for more updates on our collaboration.

06.03.2024 — News

We Helped Roll & Play Press Smash Their Target For Their Newest Product ‘The Map Library’

We were commissioned by Roll and Play Press to help design their latest product ‘The Map Library’, a collection of battle maps to supplement their successful ‘One-shot Wonders’ book. We designed the branding and packaging for ‘The Map Library’, helping them to raise over £200,000 in pre-orders on Kickstarter. Included was an icon key system to make finding the right map easy and simple, and a bunch of additional pledge extras such as the ‘Monster Tokens’. Stay tuned for more information soon.

18.12.2023 — News

Adding some Umami Oomph to Christmas with a Festive TfL Ad Campaign for Lee Kum Kee

Lee Kum Kee Europe asked us to create a festive campaign to promote their classic Asian sauces at Christmas. They had been given a unique opportunity by TfL to take over a select number of animated advert sites, including escalator ads. The brief was simple – promote our sauces as a great way to add flavour to your winter dishes this festive period. We couldn’t be happier with the results, let us know if you see it!

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20.11.2023 — News

Bringing Home Some Mediterranean Sun with a Brand Campaign for Karyatis

We’ve been working with well-known Greek food connoisseurs, Odysea and their sister brand, Karyatis. We created a new branded campaign which included new brand visuals and tone of voice across print and digital touchpoints, with an emphasis on bringing home some Mediterranean sun. Look out for some tasty socials, in-store promotions, advertising, and more as we roll out the new look!

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17.11.2023 — News

Adventure Awaits… New Brand and Website Launch for Roll & Play

We’ve been working with Roll & Play Press, an independent RPG book publisher for the past couple of months on rebranding and redesigning their e-com website. The brand is inspired by the 20-sided dice which is key to playing RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons. We turned the dice silhouette into a window into the different worlds that can be discovered through R&P’s content. You can see the full case study here.

30.10.2023 — News

Case Study – Phizz Brand and Packaging Refresh

Phizz make all-in-one health supplements, scientifically formulated to help unlock your best self. Deuce was approached by Phizz to help them on two fronts – 1) Improve their packaging design in order to better educate consumers on the many benefits of their products, and 2) help to reposition them as not just a supplement brand, but a lifestyle brand. You can see the full case study here.

17.08.2023 — News

New Client – Deuce partners with Lee Kum Kee

Lee Kum Kee is one of the oldest and most popular Asian condiments brands on the market, known all around the world for their authentic and quality products from their signature oyster sauce to soy sauce, chilli oil, and more. We will be working closely with LKK across their brand and packaging portfolio, as well as new products. Watch this space as we work with them and their brand.

25.07.2023 — News

Be Your Own Master – Rebrand and Website for Roll & Play Press

We’ve been working with the wonderful Roll & Play Press on a big rebrand and a new e-commerce website. Roll & Play Press is an independent book publisher that makes toolkits and guides to help you play D&D and other RPGs. We had to capture the spirit of D&D as well as create a unique identity that encapsulated what Roll & Play stood for, empowering players to ‘Become a Master’. Look out for a case study coming soon. For now, you can check out the new website here.

05.07.2023 — News

Introducing Siaura – Iced Green Tea and Nothing Else.

We’ve created the branding and packaging design for new iced green tea brand, Siaura. Created as a genuinely healthy alternative to regular and diet soft drinks, this drink even does good for you. Containing all the benefits of hot green tea, but with even more tannins (which means better taste). Keep your eyes peeled for our case study dropping soon!

01.06.2023 — News

New Product and Packaging Design for Phizz Caffeine Boost

We are very proud to have partnered with Phizz, not only on their recent brand and packaging refresh, but on their new product. A first in the range that goes beyond a new flavour – this product has an extra energy boost from naturally caffeinated guarana fruit. Check out the new flavour launching across retail and online now.

19.05.2023 — News

We’ve Created the Brand and Packaging Design of a New Plant-Based Milkshake

We have partnered with challenger plant-based milkshake brand, Push. Their products are aimed towards gym-goers and those seeking healthy alternatives, by providing high protein milkshakes with extra benefits from superfood ingredients. We’re excited to be launching this brand very soon so check back for a case study in the coming weeks!

11.04.2023 — News

Tesel Platform to Connect ESG Businesses Has Just Launched

After successfully launching their brand, Tesel asked Deuce to design their new platform. After an extensive UX and UI design process in collaboration with the Tesel team, we are very proud to announce the first beta launch of the ESG connecting platform. You can source other ESG-friendly suppliers and buyers as well as search for ESG assessment providers, with more features launching soon.

09.03.2023 — Insights

How to Stand Out on Supermarket Shelves

Supermarket shelves are becoming exceedingly crowded as more brands and products enter the market. The customer’s buying power has also become stronger because of the number of options that are now available to them. As a result, companies need to have their brand stand out from the competitors on the supermarket shelves. A brand will gain brand loyalty by combining character with a deep sense of meaning, and experiences that consumers can connect with.‏

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10.02.2023 — News

We Created the Brand and Packaging for a New Plant-based Milkshake For Kids

We’ve been working with Tasty Planet, a new challenger in the plant-based milkshake category. By turning the fun factor up to 11, we created a brand and packaging design that’s out of this world, complete with hyperspace zooms and chocolate meteorites. Check back soon for a full case study!

02.02.2023 — News

New Brand and Packaging Refresh for Phizz Supplements, Case Study Coming Soon

We’ve been working with Phizz to help them optimise their packaging to ensure it communicates the benefits of their products to their consumers, concentrating on their unique 3-in-1 formula, hydration, electrolytes and vitamins. We have also been working on the brand to create a more consistent and engaging identity system that can be applied to all branded channels such as website, socials, and more.

05.01.2023 — Insights

How to Choose the Right Packaging Format for your Brand

Launching any kind of product can be daunting, there are a lot of moving parts, you want the product to sell and the brand to grow. The packaging and design are often playing an important role in attracting customers, especially if you don’t have the name recognition yet.

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07.12.2022 — News

We’ve Started Working With Tempur

We are honoured to announce our new client Tempur, one of the most well known brands in pillows and mattresses. We will be working with them on a new range of products, creating a bespoke packaging system to help them progress their brand in 2023. Check back soon for more updates.

30.11.2022 — News

Our Project for True Story Brewing Co Has Been Featured!

We recently launched our case study for the branding and packaging of True Story Brewing Co, a new start-up in the craft beer sector. You can check out our case study on our website or have a look at the Dieline, Packaging of the World or World Brand Design Society, for our featured articles.

19.10.2022 — News

We’ve Created the Branding and Packaging for Nomadic Flavours Sauces Launching Soon

We recently worked with a professional chef to create a new brand of easy-to-use and experimental cooking sauces. Nomadic Flavours is inspired by the different places, cuisines and flavours of the founder’s journey across the world. A premium range of cooking sauces that can be used in a variety of ways. Come back soon to see our full case study.

07.10.2022 — News

Percol Coffee Packaging Design Refresh Launched into Tesco

We have been working with Lofbergs and Percol to refresh their brand and packaging design and to further reflect the quality of their coffee in a new format – coffee bags. As easy as tea bags, but full of delicious quality coffee. You can pick some up for yourself now at Tesco.

06.09.2022 — News

New Mixed Berry Flavour for Phizz, Packaging Design by Deuce Studio

We’ve recently been working on lots of projects for Phizz across their branding and packaging, including helping them launch a new flavour to the range of effervescent tablets range. Joining orange, blackcurrant and apple will be mixed berry, look out for more info soon.

21.08.2022 — Insights

How To Write The Perfect Brand Strategy

After many years of helping brands tell their stories, we have learned that a successful business cannot thrive without a strong brand strategy. The viability of your content, culture, and business can be compromised without a unified identity. However, the root cause of this problem is simple: developing an effective brand strategy takes time, effort, and commitment. Unfortunately, this is also where many of us stumble.

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16.07.2022 — News

True Story Brewing Co Launches This Weekend

We’re excited to announce our friends and client True Story Brewing Co is launching this weekend with an event at their brewery in Westbury. You can also now start buying beers from their online shop, check it out here. We designed the whole brand identity and packaging system, plus we helped design the brewery interiors too, with a taproom in Bath coming later in the year. Full design case study coming soon.

01.07.2022 — News

New Client Alert, We’ve Just Started Working With Lantum

‘Who is Lantum?’ you may ask. Lantum is a brilliant challenger brand in the SaaS space, on a mission to improve time-scheduling in the healthcare sector in order to give back more time to those who give care. Watch this space for more information as we work with them and their brand.

06.06.2022 — News

We’ve Won a Bronze Dieline Packaging Award For Our Project with Budweiser

We are very honoured to announce that our #RaiseABud campaign for Budweiser has won a Bronze Dieline Award in the limited edition packaging design category. You can see the full case study here or visit the Dieline website here to view the full press release.

13.05.2022 — Insights

Brand Purpose, What Is It and Why Should You Care?

Brand purpose is more important than ever, everyone and anyone is under scrutiny and therefore brands are too, standing up for what you believe in and actually doing what you say is two different things, we take a look at what brand purpose is and why you should care about it.

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06.04.2022 — News

Say Hello to Phizz, Our New Client

We’ve just started working with Phizz, a wellness supplement brand in the effervescent and pre+pro biotic categories. We are going to be working with their brand and packaging, getting them ready for the next step in their journey.

25.02.2022 — News

New Identity for B2B Matchmaking Service Launching Soon

We recently created the brand identity for a B2B matchmaking service, whose main focus is on making ESG simpler for buyers and suppliers. We helped build the brand from the ground up, from the brand strategy all the way through to the naming and identity design. Come back soon for the full case study, launching mid March.

15.01.2022 — News

New Brand and Packaging for Craft Brewery Coming Soon

We helped our good friends at True Story Brewery create the brand and packaging for their exciting new venture in craft brewing. The brewery and separate taproom wanted to create a fun and memorable brand based on the funny, surprising, or downright bizarre stories that are often shared over a couple of beers.

08.11.2021 — Insights

How to Choose the Right Colour for Your Brand

Choosing the right colour for your brand is one of the most important decisions to get right both for new brands and existing brands considering a rebrand, we take a look at how best to go about this from all perspectives, from strategy to product and everything in between.

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26.10.2021 — News

Rebrand for SH Foodie, Food and Drink Recipe Developers

We recently completed a rebrand for SH Foodie, a food and drink recipe developer in the UK. They wanted to rebrand to reflect their new business aims going forward, to concentrate on more start-ups and SMEs in the food and drink sector. We created an expert yet fun brand identity that summed up their service offering – mapping the route to market for food and drink brands. Come back soon to see our full case study.

15.10.2021 — News

New Brand Identity for Mondays Fitness

We were chosen by Mondays, a holistic fitness and wellness service, to create a new brand identity to represent their new offering. Mondays flip the dogma surrounding the ‘Monday Blues’ on its head, so we created an uplifting and empowering brand to help people ‘Own the Day’, and to reflect Monday’s high quality of service and health and fitness expertise. Check out the full case study here.

06.10.2021 — Insights

Tone of Voice, Why is it So Important?

Deuce Studio has created brands for a variety of businesses over the years from chocolate bars to construction companies, and now want to share some of their branding secrets to help you understand why you should care about your brand and how it communicates to your consumers.

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30.09.2021 — News

Packaging Design and Campaign for Budweiser

We’ve just launched our case study for our Labor Day campaign for Budweiser. We created a limited edition Budweiser can and digital campaign to help celebrate the importance American workers in the past year. The design of the campaign was inspired by Labor Day itself, what it means to American workers and the era it first began, you can see more images and read the full case study here. We are incredibly proud to have worked with Budweiser and look forward to more potential projects.

22.09.2021 — News

New Packaging Design for Percol Coffee Bags

We were asked to design a new range of packaging for Percol’s new product, ground coffee in a bag. Just like tea bags, but for coffee! We created an unfussy design that clearly represented the brand and the product itself. You can find them right now in supermarkets across the country.

03.09.2021 — News

Budweiser Labor Day Campaign Launched Today

Our limited edition Labor Day Budweiser can design and digital campaign launched today across the US. Our campaign celebrates Americans and all the hard work and determination they’ve shown to keep the country going – especially in the 18 months. You can read about the campaign in Adage and Adweek. Make sure to come back very soon for our full case study.

27.08.2021 — Interviews

Deuce at Upwork Work Without Limits Virtual Summit 2021

We were thrilled to speak at Upwork’s Work Without Limits Summit, a one-day virtual event that brings together leading executives, industry experts and top talent to talk about how world-class teams from around the world can create immediate value and drive growth. We sat down with Budweiser to talk in-depth about our collaboration for their 2021 Labor Day campaign, which will be launching this Labor Day weekend.

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13.08.2021 — News

New Client Alert, We’ve Just Won Budweiser!

We are incredibly proud to announce that we will be working with Budweiser USA to design a piece of limited edition packaging design and the social media campaign that encompasses it for Labor Day 2021. We wanted to celebrate workers in America, the important contributions they’ve made to make America what it is today, and their importance in making our lives that much easier. This opportunity is a part of Upwork’s inaugural CoLab — a partnership program that provides independent professionals opportunities to collaborate on special projects with visionary brands. Come back soon to see how we bring this project to life.

10.07.2021 — News

New Gr8nola Flavour Launch, Peanut Butter and Charity Partnership with Girl Up

Our wonderful client Gr8nola has launched a new special flavour, Peanut Butter, not only is it delicious but its also a special partnership with charity Girl Up, to help empower young girls to achieve their dreams, we helped design the new flavour and campaign to help launch it. Find out more information here.

15.06.2021 — Insights

Branding, Why is it So Important?

Deuce Studio has created brands for a variety of businesses over the years from chocolate bars to construction companies, and now want to share some of their branding secrets to help you understand why you should care about your brand and how it communicates to your consumers.

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10.05.2021 — News

Packaging Design for Redfora’s Earthquake Bag

We were asked by Redfora to design a new system of bags for their flagship product, the Earthquake Bag. The design system needed to be easy to understand at a glance in the event of an emergency, so we used simple icons, functional typography, and a clear colour system. Case study coming soon!

21.04.2021 — News

Deuce Studio are Finalists for The Drum Recommends Awards 2021

We are happy to announce that Deuce Studio are finalist for this years The Drum Recommends Awards, shortlisted in the design category for branding and packaging, thanks to all our wonderful clients for working with us and rating us too!

04.02.2021 — News

New Product for The Brook and Packaging Design by Deuce Studio

Our wonderful client The Brook Plant-based Kitchen have a new product out, as we completed the recent refresh of their whole packaging range, we also designed the packaging for the new product, Seafood Cakes. Look out for these on the shelves soon!

18.01.2021 — Insights

Crosta & Mollica expand their Italian food packaging range across new categories.

We have been working with Crosta & Mollica for the past couple of years, helping to expand their range of products from Italian bakery into other categories such as chilled pizzas, frozen patisserie and on the go snacking.

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14.01.2021 — Interviews

Jonny talks to Baked Bean Media Podcast about Branding and Social Media in 2021

Our Co-founder and Managing Director, Jonny Aldrich was asked to take part in a LinkedIn Live podcast with Baked Bean Media, discuss branding and the power of social media in 2021, go have a listen here.

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07.01.2021 — Insights

Food & Drink Packaging Design Predictions to look out for in 2021

Jonny Aldrich, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Deuce Studio, a brand and packaging design agency based in London, has laid out his top 5 packaging design predictions for food and drink brands to look out for in 2021 to help increase your brand awareness and stand out on shelf.

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18.12.2020 — News

A Special Edition of Fedrigoni 365 for 2021

Thanks to Fedrigoni for asking us to contribute to another exceptional edition of 365. This year, Fedrigoni wanted to include as many designers as possible and create a generative book that is never printed the same twice. Each edition is unique, containing a different collection of designs. We were given the seed word ‘Mess’, and the number 8, which resulted in a striking and dynamic design, with a particular metal band logo feel to the design.

28.11.2020 — News

Paul Bakery Appointed Deuce Studio as New Brand and Packaging Design Agency

We are very proud to announce that Paul Bakery has chosen Deuce Studio to be their new brand and packaging design agency to help their business in 2021. Following a tough 2020 with numerous lockdowns temporarily closing Paul stores in city-centre locations, Paul is looking to connect with consumers in a new and exciting way in a post covid-19 world. More information coming soon.

17.10.2020 — News

Packaging Refresh for Plant-Based Frozen Meal Brand

We were asked by The Brook, plant-based kitchen to refresh their packaging ready to coincide with a change in their packaging format, a more sustainable option that uses less plastic and is 100% recyclable. We redesigned the new packaging to feel more premium and to show off the delicious product inside, while keeping the essence of the brand the same. Look out for a case study coming soon!

24.09.2020 — Interviews

Jonny Talks to Founders365 Podcast about Branding for Challenger Brands

Our Co-founder and Managing Director Jonny Aldrich was asked to come on the Founders365 podcast to talk about everything branding and packaging related for challenger brands, go have a listen here.

05.08.2020 — News

New Skincare Project Coming Soon

Refaire is a premium skincare brand who combine natural ingredients with cutting-edge science to deliver luxurious and effective products. We’re looking forward to sharing the full case study soon, including packaging design, e-commerce website, and an art directed shoot.

21.07.2020 — News

Packaging Design for Sanitizing Kit

We were asked by Redfora, a disaster preparedness brand based in the US, to design the packaging of a new product called the Everyday Sanitizer Set. The packaging had to both clearly communicate the contents inside, and take a light-hearted approach to soften an otherwise serious, clinical product. Look out for the full case study coming soon.

17.06.2020 — News

Mini Packaging Refresh for Gr8nola

Our long-standing client Gr8nola asked us to refresh their packaging with an emphasis on showing off each of their unique superfood flavours. We achieved this by reducing the size of the window and adding a fun and tasty looking illustration of each flavour. We also created a new flavour name system and product descriptions to add further taste appeal. Come back soon for a newly updated case study!

26.05.2020 — Insights

Delivery Packaging, What’s The Point?

As more and more of us are opting to shop online rather than to brave the crowded supermarkets, packaging at your doorstep has never been more relevant.

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13.04.2020 — News

New Identity for Wellness & Fitness Brand

We were asked to rebrand a fast-growing chain of UK based health and wellness focussed gyms as they looked to expand into new locations and grow their membership base. Empowering its members to ‘Own The Day’ by tieing into the new brand name – which will all be revealed in due time… Come back soon for the full case study!

08.03.2020 — News

Packaging Design Refresh for Crosta & Mollica Pizza Bases

We have just refreshed the packaging design for the Crosta & Mollica pizza bases to create better cohesion with the rest of the chilled and frozen pizza ranges. The result also adds an extra level of tastiness, with raw ingredient photography and recipe examples of the front and back of pack.

27.02.2020 — News

The Urban Spice Shop is Launching a New Retail Range

After completing the wholesale and foodservice range of large spice bags and overall brand identity for The Urban Spice Shop, we were then asked to create a new range of spice binders and shakers for the retail sector in Singapore. We are really pleased with the outcomes and look forward to launching the range with an immersive online campaign, watch this space for a case study soon.

14.01.2020 — News

New Packaging Design for On-The-Go Snacking Range

We have just completed the design of new on-the-go snacking range to be sold in foodservice outlets such as Cafe Nero and Coco Di Mama. We are really pleased with the results and look forward to creating more packaging for the range including mini breadsticks and sweet biscuits coming soon!

10.09.2019 — News

New Brand & Website for Kids Fruit

We’ve just launched the new Kids Fruit website, designed and developed by us along with the brand too. Kids Fruit delvers millions of fruit to thousands schools across the UK every year as part of the schools fruit and vegetable schemed back by the government. We are proud to partner with Kids Fruit to help more kids eat healthy and stay active. See the full brand and website case study here.

28.08.2019 — News

Piccolo’s Case Study Now Live

We’ve just added the finishing touches to our case study for Piccolo’s, a new Italian bakery start-up trying to make Italian food more accessible and enjoyable. We created the a fun and flexible brand and packaging system that will grow with them as they are stocked in more stores and add new products to their line up. See the full case study here.

16.08.2019 — Insights

What Makes a Great Rebrand

We were asked by PrintWeek magazine to contribute an opinion piece to their article on the topic of rebranding. They asked us what makes for a successful rebrand and we were more than happy to share our thoughts. You can read the whole article on their website or on our blog below.

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15.08.2019 — Interviews

PrintWeek Interviews Jonny About Rebrands and the Importance of a Good Brand Strategy

Our Co-founder and Managing Director, Jonny Aldrich was asked in an interview for the print and online publication PrintWeek, about the importance strategy when it comes to rebranding. You can read all about it here.

12.04.2019 — News

Italian Food Brand Launched into Aldi

Deuce Studio was tasked with creating a new brand and packaging system for new Italian bakery brand, Piccolo’s, with products such as breadsticks and crostini, and with more lines coming soon. We launched the start-up brand straight into 300 Aldi stores across the UK, with interest from other retailers too. Check out the case study here.

06.03.2019 — News

Reuse and Refill, that’s Tydy.

We have partnered with Tydy a new company dedicated to helping save our planet through reusing and recycling in the home. The first stage is a home cleaning essentials delivery service, all about reusing the same bottles over and over again while delivering what you need and when you need it straight to your door. Watch this space for a case study coming soon.

16.02.2019 — News

Fruit & Veg Scheme for Schools

We’ve been working with Kids Fruit on creating a new brand and website for their healthy eating scheme aimed at getting more school children eating their 5 a day of fruit and veg. You can see the case study here, and you can visit the new website we designed with some interactive features for both kids, teachers and parents here.

07.01.2019 — News

New Website & Photography for Gr8nola

We recently launched a new website for Gr8nola, e-commerce driven but with a strong brand presence throughout. We also art directed a photoshoot for the new flavours to be used across the brand’s communications. Through the rebrand, new packaging, website and campaigns, we are proud to have helped triple Gr8nola’s revenue over the past couple of years.

19.12.2018 — News

The Second Edition of 365

We were asked to contribute to 365 again this year by Fedrigoni paper specialists and TM Studio. We were given 3rd November and decided to base our design around ‘3 blind mice’, resulting in a bold and minimalist interpretation of the famous nursery rhyme. You can purchase the book from CounterPrint.

16.11.2018 — News

A Framework That Fits You

We’ve just launched our rebrand for Lux Builders & Remodeling, an established contracting firm based in California, USA. The identity is based around a framework that works as a metaphor for the framework to build your house and new life upon. View the full case study here.

17.09.2018 — News

A World At Your Fingertips

The Urban Spice Shop provides organic herbs and spices to premium restaurants and hotels, with the goal of bringing naturally organic and sustainable produce to the mainstream. We brought the brand new identity and packaging to life. View the full case study here.

05.09.2018 — News

The Difference in Property

We’re proud to announce the release of the new brand strategy and identity design created by us for Trio Properties, a housing, construction and maintenance firm that make the difference in the property industry. You can check out the full case study here.

02.08.2018 — News

We Are Rebel

This year was the first ever year for Rebel Film Festival, a new travelling festival all about showcasing the most entertaining short and feature length independent films. We had a lot of fun creating the new brand for the festival, view the full case study here. #WeAreRebel

01.04.2018 — News

New Milk Easter Egg

2018 marks the dawn of a new Cocoa Plus Easter Egg, the introduction of a milk flavour. This year also introduces a fully printed box, with spot uv and embossed finishing in classic protein blue with a touch of Easter yellow, you can view the full Cocoa Plus case study here to see the rest of the Cocoa Plus range of products.

12.03.2018 — News

The Avocado Life

We created the launch campaign and website for avocado dip and chip snack, Snackamolé. Made for the modern day professional always on the go. View the full case study here.

19.02.2018 — News

New Superfood Gr8nola Flavours

We had the pleasure of working with gr8nola again in launching 3 new superfood flavours, Coco Cacau, Golden Turmeric and Matcha Green Tea. See the full case study here to see how we brought their brand to life.

28.11.2017 — News

Fedrigoni 365 Contribution

We were asked by Fedrigoni paper specialists and TM Studio to design the 1st of August for next years calendar. We were honoured to have been chosen along side so many brilliant studios and chose to represent an ace with our design, an unreturnable 1st serve in tennis. You can go buy the book here, with all proceeds going to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

17.10.2017 — News

Christmas 2017 for Cocoa Plus

As usual we have created a range of packaging and campaign visuals for Cocoa Plus and their Christmas promotions. Check out the whole brand identity and packaging system we created for them here.

22.09.2017 — News

Follow The Tracks

We have just completed branding Sport Inspired’s first Youth Urban Games, for young people, by young people. The first event of it’s kind, delivering urban sports such as skateboarding, rollerblading, parkour and BMX to kids across the country, check out the case study here.

06.07.2017 — News

New Type Artworks for Monotype

We have just finished the first stage of our collaboration with Monotype and MyFonts, creating numerous typographic artworks for a selection of their most popular fonts across their collection. These artworks are different in their approach compared to the normal type specimen style they currently use and have more of a emotive and application based design aesthetic. You can find some of the artworks created in our case study.

16.06.2017 — News

Live with Clarity

We have just finished designing the brand identity for the Audiology practice of Melissa Alexander, including the website, packaging and signage. You can see the full case study here.

23.05.2017 — News

Are You Hungry for Gr8ness

We have just completed the new identity and packaging design for Gr8nola, a new challenger to the healthy granola market. Check out the case study here to find out more about the new ‘Delicious & Clean’ design.

13.04.2017 — News

New Awards Created for PFF 2017

This year we are introducing the new Plymouth Film Festival awards designed by Deuce Studio and made by Fifty Two Degrees. They have been created from high grade Plywood with a soft touch matte lacquered finish in festival colours, red for the Category Awards, white for the Roger Deakins Award and black for the Grand Prix Award. Check out the awards in all there glory here.

23.03.2017 — News

Easter 2017 For Cocoa Plus

More chocolate goodness this Easter for Cocoa Plus, again we designed the whole campaign including some delicious photography as seen above. See the other work we have done for Cocoa Plus here.

03.01.2017 — News

We’re Working With Monotype

What a pleasure it is to announce that we are currently working with Monotype, every designer loves to work with type and it’s going to a fun project with over 20,000 typefaces at our disposal. Look out for the project soon…

16.12.2016 — Insights

5 Design Predictions For 2017

We have been having a little think here at Deuce Studio about the possible areas of design we see as being the most interesting for brands big and small in 2017, everything from colour to technology we analyse 5 predictions for the coming year.

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18.10.2016 — Interviews

Jonny was Interviewed for NWES about 6 Tips for Branding a Start-up

Our Co-founder and Managing Director, Jonny Aldrich was interviewed by NWES, a support scheme to help start-ups about 6 top tips to help new businesses get there branding and websites right when starting out. You can read the whole article here.

10.10.2016 — News

The New 40g Range

Introducing the new 40g packaging from Cocoa Plus, still high in protein and full of luxury cocoa chocolate but now in 4 delicious flavours and a more convenient size. Check out the case study here and the release video here

It’s Good + More Good.

30.09.2016 — Insights

Brand Identity & Web Design for Start-ups

Your brand identity is one of the most important things to get right when you first start your business. It’s not just what you look like, its how your perceived by your audience. It starts with communicating the right message and making sure all of your touch points are in line with this vision.

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26.09.2016 — News

Disability Understood

We have just launched a brand new identity for Adjust. We worked together with the disability employment consultants to create a versatile identity that expresses clarity, accessibility and professionalism. Have a look at the work here

The first step is understanding. Adjust

20.09.2016 — News

LDF16 Highlights

London Design Festival this year has been brilliant as usual, our highlights have to include the various exhibitions at Protein Studios and the incredible engineering masterpiece ‘The Smile’ by Architect Alison Brooks. Here’s to next year!

11.07.2016 — News

13 Days, 13 Posters. Celebrating the 130th Wimbledon Championship.

As Wimbledon is ending so to is our #wimbers130 poster series. It’s been a wonderful 2 weeks of tennis and design. Well done Andy Murray and all the other brits, here’s to next years championship. To relive our project, check our Instagram, Twitter and mini site.

27.06.2016 — News

Wimbledon Starts Today

This year to celebrate the 130th Wimbledon Championships, Deuce Studio has created a set of 13 limited edition prints for 13 moments from the tournament’s glorious past. We will be releasing 1 poster for everyday of the tournament through our Instagram, Twitter and mini site.


17.05.2016 — News

A Trip to Plymouth

Over the weekend we took time off to enjoy ourselves at Plymouth Film Festival and to see the branding we created too. Our particular favourite short was ‘I used to be famous’ which tells the funny but moving story about a failed pop singer’s unlikely friendship with an autistic musician.

16.04.2016 — News

See You at D&AD

We have just been invited to attend the first D&AD festival at Old Truman Brewery. We’re looking forward to seeing all the winning work and meeting the Partners at their Smile in the Mind workshop.

12.04.2016 — News

Entertaining Short Films

2016 is the 3rd edition of Plymouth Film Festival and we have been asked to create an advertising campaign to work across digital and print. The campaigns key message is to prove short films can be just as entertaining as high budget blockbusters. Check out the campaign here.

04.04.2016 — News

Cocoa Plus Easter Promo

Cocoa Plus introduced a new range of protein chocolate eggs just in time for Easter. Deuce Studio helped create the packaging as well as the promotional material showing off the Easter treats in all their glory.

27.02.2016 — News

Bringing Film to Life

Plymouth Film Festival brings together international up-and-coming film makers to celebrate and showcase short 10-15 minute productions. We have just created a new identity for them and look forward to continue developing their brand further to help increase awareness of the festival. Check it out here

06.02.2016 — News

A New Kind of Chocolate Bar

We’re pleased to announce that we have just finished creating the brand identity and packaging for Cocoa Plus, the UK’s first high protein infused chocolate bar. Their goal was to create a bar that tackled the problem of lacklustre snacks for the fitness industry. Check out the case study here.