Deuce Studio has created brands for a variety of businesses over the years from chocolate bars to construction companies, and now want to share some of their branding secrets to help you understand why you should care about your brand and how it communicates to your consumers.

Before we start discussing why a good brand identity is so important, let us just make sure that we are on the same page regarding what a brand identity is. This concept refers to how you portray your business to your consumers. Among others, this includes your logo design, your brand name, the shapes and colours of your graphics, and the tone of voice you use.

That is why branding and brand design are closely linked to identity design. Before you decide on the picture you want to send into the world about your brand, you first need to understand its core identity. You also need to do market research about what your target audience really wants and how you can help them fulfil those needs.

Only then will you be ready to start building a brand strategy that truly reflects your purpose and core values.

Why having a clear and strong brand identity is so important

To differentiate yourself from the competition. A strong brand identity is one of the best ways to make your product stand out from the crowd. It can even make it possible for a small brand to overtake much bigger rivals.

To create the image of a well-established brand . A branded business is much more likely to be viewed as experienced and successful. And being experienced and successful are in turn associated with being trustworthy and reliable. The logic here is that people don’t see untrustworthy and unreliable brands survive long enough to build a solid track record.

To build brand loyalty. Clients are much more likely to remember a product that has a strong brand identity because it helps to form strong associations about that product in their minds. Over time it is much more likely that they will become repeat buyers. And because most of us love to be associated with a good brand, people are also more likely to recommend a brand they trust to their friends and family members.

To command a price premium. Once your brand is associated with superior quality, people will typically also be prepared to pay more for your products or services. After all, why are buyers prepared to fork out large sums of money for a Lexus but not for a Toyota? Except for a few additional accessories and options, they are basically the same product. The answer is that Lexus has a brand identity that is associated with quality and status.

Luckily you don’t have to be a car manufacturer to benefit from this phenomenon. Every day people pay more for well-known brands in the food, clothing, furniture, and virtually every other industry.

The bottom line

If you are in a major city like London, you can do much worse than hiring a professional branding agency to help you build a strong brand identity.

That’s particularly true if you are involved in this city’s fiercely competitive food and beverage market. To have a professional food and drink branding and packaging design agency in London behind you will immediately give you a head start over the competition.