We were asked by PrintWeek magazine to contribute an opinion piece to their article on the topic of rebranding. They asked us what makes for a successful rebrand and we were more than happy to share our thoughts. You can read the whole article on their website or on our blog below.

A great rebrand is all about getting the strategy right.

When a company rebrands, it’s not just for aesthetic reasons – it’s because there has been a change within the company, such as a new challenge, a shift in services or product offering that improves its capabilities or focus in some way.

But often, it can be because the brand is beginning to feel outdated and isn’t attracting the right audience, therefore a rebrand is a great chance to assess all your print and digital materials to see if they are communicating at their very best.

At Deuce Studio, we believe what makes a successful rebrand is a great strategic grounding.

We first need to understand a company’s vision, what it stands for and its core values before being able to convert this into a visual and verbal design language. We immerse ourselves in the brand, live and breathe their way of thinking so we are able to communicate this through a unique, memorable brand identity that will stand the test of time.

Once the strategy is in place, it’s down to the designers to be able to communicate this, applying it to a range of different deliverables in an interesting and engaging way so that the brand has enough flexibility to be able to grow and adapt.

That’s why a brand is not just a logo, it’s a sum of parts that all come together to communicate a core message. This could include graphics, patterns, colours, illustrations, icons, typography, words and much more to be able to do your new message justice across all the different areas that your brand will touch.

It’s not rocket science, but achieving the right feeling for the right audience in a new and engaging way can be tricky. Trusting in the strategy process will yield effective design in the creative stage and will result in a new brand that your audience will connect with and be proud to be a part of.