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Phizz make all-in-one health supplements, scientifically formulated to help unlock your best self. Perfect for giving yourself a boost, whether it’s for your workout, while travelling, or just as a part of your daily routine.

Deuce was approached by Phizz to help them on two fronts – 1) Improve their packaging design in order to better educate consumers on the many benefits of their products, and 2) help to reposition them as not just a supplement brand, but a lifestyle brand.

Using consumer insights to distinguish what information was the most important and what information wasn’t needed, we created a new packaging system that retained Phizz’s scientific and functional look and feel but with an improved hierarchy. We also refined the colour system to enhance the legibility of the wording on pack and to differentiate between flavours more clearly, while also introducing a new Caffeine Boost product category.

We worked alongside Phizz to develop a new brand strategy and tone of voice to compliment the products, focusing on the premium quality, the smart functionality, and the empowering mission at the heart of the company – always circling back to the various use cases of Phizz and how it fits into your daily routine.

Deuce are a creative brand design agency based in London.

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“Due to a surge in retail distribution, we turned to Deuce to improve our on-shelf education and to elevate our brand look and feel. On both the existing range and NPD, they’ve delivered impactful designs we’re proud of!”

Daniel Cray, Founder – Phizz

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