As more and more of us are opting to shop online rather than to brave the crowded supermarkets, packaging at your doorstep has never been more relevant.

Online shopping and subscription services have long been an emerging trend in retail. Convenience and choice are two big factors that appeal to the modern consumer – not only are your orders delivered right to your door, you also have the ability to easily choose from your favourite brands (not to mention the increasing choice of ethical businesses, plastic-free packaging, and sustainable produce).

Figures published on reported that the value of online sales in retail has increased consistently year on year, with the share of online sales growing from 10.6% to 19% in 2012-2019. Fast forward to the craziness 2020, and even more of us are staying at home and shopping online out of necessity. So, what does this mean for brands?

Packaging is your consumers first point of physical contact with your brand. The moment of unboxing a delivery package is a personal experience that gives your brand an opportunity to build a deeper connection with the consumer. The structure of the packaging, material selection and inner linings create a tactile dimension, giving attention to detail and building consumer anticipation. The visual elements of the packaging – the graphic design, copywriting and inserts, similarly can be used to stir up excitement and can be used to expand on your core brand messaging in creative and intriguing ways.

Brands need to adapt to the shift in shopping habits and develop new ways of engaging with consumers. With a growing number of us choosing to shop online, a crucial part of this adaptation ought to be considering new ways to improve the experience at the doorstep. To keep consumers coming back for more, delivery packaging should be on-brand at the very least, and at best, it should be a surprise and a delight.

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