Supermarket shelves are becoming exceedingly crowded as more brands and products enter the market. The customer’s buying power has also become stronger because of the number of options that are now available to them. As a result, companies need to have their brand stand out from the competitors on the supermarket shelves. A brand will gain brand loyalty by combining character with a deep sense of meaning, and experiences that consumers can connect with.‏

Why You Need to Stand Out‏

‏There are many different ways to have your brand stand out on supermarket shelves. The best way to do this is not a one size fits all situation and will depend on the type of product, your brand, and the competitors’ brands. For instance, if your competitors or existing brands have a clean-cut and simple design, to stand out you can go the opposite route by being more gritty and maximalist. ‏

‏While this may be a good idea for some brands, when deciding on how to stand out, it is important to consider your brand values and do not stray from those. The core values of the business should guide the brand strategy. 

Ways to Stand Out‏

‏There are so many options available to consumers that they can become overwhelmed by the choice dilemma, factors like price, quality, the choice on specific unique selling proposition, such as low in sugar, gluten-free, planet-friendly etc. As a result, brands need a way to stand out.

One of the easiest ways to stand out is by colour choice. Selecting a different colour that stands out against your competitors will instantly pull the consumer’s eyes to your product. ‏

When consumers are shopping, their decision is made in a split second. They can just as easily choose a competitor’s brand over yours, this is why it is necessary to use the front of the packaging to share information the consumer would find appealing. You should communicate what the brand is about, what it stands for, and what the product is. ‏

Another way to stand out is through the images you use on the package of your product. Companies may use food photography or food illustrations for their package images. The decision of which one to use will depend on your branding, your product, and the market. For instance, oftentimes the more premium the brand, the less likely they are to use food or ingredient photography and use illustration or graphics instead. Therefore using one over the other can come with specific benefits.‏

The packing of the product is also crucial as this can help you stand out against your competitors. If your competitors have similar packaging you can select to go a different route. ‏

Having an effective branding and packaging design agency will provide you will all of the necessary tools to stand out against your competitors, draw eyes to your products, resulting in the purchase of your product. The design agency will immerse itself in your company and sector to understand what your brand stands for.‏