Lee Kum Kee Europe asked us to create a festive campaign to promote their classic Asian sauces at Christmas. They had been given a unique opportunity by TfL to take over a select number of animated advert sites, including escalator ads. The brief was simple – promote our sauces as a great way to add flavour to your winter dishes this festive period. We couldn’t be happier with the results, let us know if you see it!

Add Some Umami to Your Festivities

The problem that needed to be solved was – how do we bring awareness to LKK during a time of year when, for many here in the UK, Asian ingredients aren’t at the front of our minds. This was the crux of the brief, to communicate the extra flavour that Lee Kum Kee sauces can add to your festive classics, such as using oyster sauce on your turkey for an extra crispy and rich skin, or a dash of soy sauce in your red cabbage for a bit of umami oomph.

We took inspiration from these classic recipes with an Asian twist and took them to the next level with a premium but eye-catching look and feel. To achieve this we used deep red backdrops and subtle sparkles to make the food and products pop, giving a festive feel without the need for Santa or his elves. We combined this with bold headlines and touches of gold to emphasise certain key messages.

Copy That Ignites Delight

Language is just as important as the visuals, especially with an OOH campaign. You can draw consumers in with delicious-looking food photography and recipe ideas, but copywriting plays a huge role in attracting and connecting with consumers too. We wanted to combine the visuals with a tone of voice that was playful but informative, by using language that not only related to the recipe or product but also didn’t take itself too seriously. This resulted in a campaign full of joy and delight to reflect the festive period.


“Deuce Studio has demonstrated exemplary proficiency in their collaboration with Lee Kum Kee Europe. The delivered creatives have proven to be precisely aligned with our brand identity. The entire process transpired seamlessly, and deadlines were consistently met, contributing to a hassle-free experience. The outcomes surpassed our expectations, reflecting the team’s dedication to excellence.”

– Ken Tai, Brand Manager @ Lee Kum Kee Europe

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