Brand purpose is more important than ever, everyone and anyone is under scrutiny and therefore brands are too, standing up for what you believe in and actually doing what you say is two different things, we take a look at what brand purpose is and why you should care about it.

In this day and age where the actions of a company or corporation outside of the service they provide for consumers are increasingly difficult to slide under the public eye, they can be easily and rightfully subject to scrutiny by the common consumer. More and more companies have seen their sales plummet after their practices become common knowledge. Conversely, more and more companies have also reaped the benefits of offering an alternative to the consumer: supporting a business that will use its profits and status to benefit the world. Their brand becomes synonymous with this purpose; the same way TOMS is known for donating a large sum of their profits to charities, or how McDonald’s became associated with Ronald McDonald House, one of the largest, most influential non-profit charity organizations in the world.‏

‏Brand purpose gives consumers a reason to actively overlook brands in favour of an alternative that they can feel satisfied supporting. Brand purpose gives companies the agency to stand out from the competition with a consumer-friendly identity, or by complimenting their brand’s identity by supporting a cause that’s on-brand with their purpose: A plant-based food brand could donate a portion of their profits to stopping animal cruelty, or a brand with a heavy focus on sustainability could use their profits and power to support the fight for climate change. With this, a brand’s identity can go much further beyond just trendy visual styles and branding, or empty platitudes plastered on the back of its packaging.‏

‏The way a brand presents itself, not just in its design but in its actions, is a crucial part of standing out from other brands. Even if a consumer doesn’t read the good acts of a business on its product’s packaging, these acts have a chance of catching the eye of social media and news outlets, presenting itself directly to the consumer and possibly influencing the companies they choose to support. This can even draw in loyal customers and brand followers that help grow your brand exponentially.‏

‏Your brand isn’t just a name on a box or a pretty design. Your brand is an extension of your company: a voice, personality, and look. Your brand is both the first glimpse and an extended look at what your company hopes to achieve; its goals and values, far beyond just selling a product to a consumer. It’s your best tool to give your company the identity it needs to thrive in a competitive, ever-growing market driven by consumers that care about where their money goes.‏