We’ve been working with well-known Greek food connoisseurs, Odysea and their sister brand, Karyatis. We created a new branded campaign which included new brand visuals and tone of voice across print and digital touchpoints, with an emphasis on bringing home some Mediterranean sun. Look out for some tasty socials, in-store promotions, advertising, and more as we roll out the new look!

We added a variety of new elements to the existing logo and tagline, this included a new textural blue sky background, sunny graphic device and a variety of type styles to emphasis Karyatis as the go-to Mediterranean brand for everyone. The reason for the brand refresh was to help reposition Karyatis as the more affordable but still quality driven Mediterranean brand, as they looked to relaunch the brand into retail with new product listings. We wanted the brand to feel like a warm sunny day in the Med, the idea that everyday could be a holiday if you bring home some sun with Karyatis. We created a flexible design system that could be easily applied to any kind of touchpoint that the brand needed, anything from social media to in-store promotions, working with found imagery, existing pack shots or new commissioned photography, the system had to accommodate everything and anything.

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