The Catalyst for Positive Change


With ESG becoming an increasingly important part of the investment process and the way in which we conduct business in general, Tesel created a platform that allows companies with similar values to connect, helping businesses move in a more ethical direction while simultaneously providing more commercial benefit.

At its core, Tesel is a B2B matchmaking service, whose main focus is on making ESG simpler for buyers and suppliers. At this point, the service mainly focuses on the sourcing of materials and manufacturing of core components and parts.

Tesel approached Deuce Studio with the challenge of creating a functional and versatile brand identity that expressed the innovative, approachable and community-driven spirit at the core of the business. We were tasked with creating a visual and verbal identity that felt encouraging and professional without being judgmental or stuffy. 

Beginning with an in-depth research and brand strategy process, we helped to define Tesel’s core beliefs and values, and how they would present themselves in the world. After brainstorming many brand names we arrived at Tesel, which came from the idea of tessellation, relating to the coming together of like-minded people and businesses, creating an online platform that is also an interlocking community.

The concept that underpins the brand is ‘The Catalyst’ – a dynamic and optimistic identity driven by the Spur, an interlocking geometric shape, representing an online tool where businesses can come together and take positive actions to create positive reactions. 

The Spur becomes a holding device for imagery, whether its photography or illustrated patterns, and can interact with hand-drawn elements to create icons, adding an element of fun and excitement to the brand. The colour system consists of two polar ends of a purple-teal spectrum, which are allocated to the two users of the platform, buyers and suppliers, allowing for quick identification across areas of the website and other communications. The two colours also merge together to form a gradient, further representing the catalysing effect of Tesel, bringing buyers and suppliers together to create positive change.

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“Deuce Studio brought hard work, effort, creativity and energy to the project. They turned my small idea into a magical brand identity that we can all be proud of. The response from my team has been incredibly positive, and I’m sure our suppliers and buyers will love it too. I’m looking forward scaling the business and working with Deuce on many more projects in the future, we’re just getting started!”

Reemah Shanab, Founder & CEO

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